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Rimu Schematic 2.0

Rimu Schematic is an electrical and electronic schematic capture software
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Hutson Systems

Rimu Schematic is an electrical and electronic schematic capture software.
Main features:
- Easy to use, Rimu Schematic follows concepts you will be familiar with from other Windows based graphical applications.
- Online context-sensitive help system.
- Presentation quality schematics - make a good impression on your employer or customers.
- Spice deck - run simulations of your schematic in any Spice compatible simulator.
- Abel and CUPL HDL - program PLDs by drawing the internal logic as a schematic.
- PCB Netlist - import into your PCB layout software for error-free PCB layout.
- Bill of Materials - import directly into your spreadsheet program.
- Supports OLE in place editing - insert diagrams, tables, equations, bitmaps and other objects into your schematic.
- Extensive printing and print preview options.
- Design rules checking.
- Hierarchical design with a Sub-circuit Wizard to automatically create sub-circuit symbols from schematics, or vice versa.
- Twenty one libraries supplied containing more than 2000 devices and symbols.
- Search libraries by part number and/or description.
- New components and libraries can be created and edited easily.
- Floating/drop down palettes of frequently used symbols speed up your work.
- Snap to objects for easier drawing and wiring.
- Windows MDI interface.
- Multiple Undo / Redo command.
- 32 bit application runs under Windows 98, NT4.0, 2000 and XP operating systems.
- Standard Edition - designs with up to 500 pins possible.
- Professional Edition - design size limited only by available memory.

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